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Rogue XP




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Rogue XP is the ultimate performance chair; encouraging you to embrace your personal style at the age when you care the most. It gives you the necessary built-in growth; no need to compromise fit, function, ride or style. Focus your effort on pushing your limits... not your chair.


Rogue XP Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom

Rogue XP is your blank canvas giving you the freedom to choose your frame, accent, release cable and wheel color. Whether you're unique, chic, edgy or minimalistic... create your ID with Rogue XP.

Rogue XP Growth


Rogue XP provides maximum adjustment and growth ability so fit, function and ride are optimized. With expanders, Rogue XP can be grown up to 3" in width. The depth adjustment is predetermined by you on the order form with the option of up to 3" of additional growth. Rogue XP is offered in widths of 10"-18" and depths of 10"-20".

Rogue XP Armrests

Integrated Swing-away Armrests

The new Integrated Swing-Away Armrests move with the backrest when adjusting or growing Rogue XP. This system offers a clean streamlined look with an efficient adjustment system. The integrated design incorporates independent angle adjustment allowing you to achieve ideal backrest and arm positioning.

Rogue XP Ride


Rogue XP is designed with 1 3/8" 7000 series aluminum to provide a durable ultra-lightweight solution that meets the active lifestyle needs of young adults. This is the perfect combination of rigidity and reduced vibration dampening to give you an ultra-responsive ride never experienced before.

Rogue XP Dynamic 5th Wheel

Adjustable Dynamic 5th Wheel

The adjustable Dynamic 5th Wheel allows you to adjust both the range and spring rate, giving you peace of mind while learning wheeling skills and maintaining your stability when riding Rogue XP. Be dynamic. Removable.

Rogue XP Transporting


Whether you're climbing into the driver's seat or hitching a ride with friends, Rogue XP's locking back mechanism and 11.6 lb. transport weight makes it simple.

Rogue XP Transport Approved

WC-19 Transit Approved

A clean, aesthetic transit tie-down for a rigid frame that passes WC-19. Integrated into the frame, the simple, curved front mounts provide safe attachment points while maintaining the sharp look you want from a chair in this class. User weight capacity up to 200 lbs.

Rogue XP Spinergy Release Cable

Spinergy Release Cable

s a signature feature on the Rogue line, you will only find the Spinergy Backrest Release Cable at Ki Mobility. This bold feature is part of our locking backrest. The Spinergy Backrest Release Cable comes in eight different colors. Whether you want to match your Rogue XP or use it as a 'pop of color' you will be sure to find a color to match your ID.

Rogue Badge

Recognition. Protection

The recognition and protection you've come to know from the Rogue is integrated into the design of Rogue XP. The new redesigned and enhanced Rogue badge is a brushed aluminum badge that adheres to the front wing to protect your chair against dings, scratches, and the every day.

Catalyst Performance Spokes

Maxx Performance Spoke

Maxx Performance is our new spoke wheel that offers performance and style without a high price tag. It features eighteen radial spokes and a high flange hub that result in increased rigidity for a more responsive, better performing wheel. The heightened level of responsiveness combined with a lightweight design give the rider the most from every push. Constructed with a 6061 series aluminum rim and straight steel spokes with a durable black satin finish for a look and feel that is anything but standard.

Transport Weight * 11.6 lbs 5.26 kg
Seat Width 10 – 18″ 25.4 – 45.72 cm
Seat Depth 10 – 20″ 25.4 – 50.8 cm
Front Seat Height 13.5 – 20.5″ 34.29 – 52.07 cm
Rear Seat Height 11.5 – 20″ 29.21 – 50.8 cm
Camber 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8° 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°
Tubing Size 1 3/8″ 3.49cm
Weight Capacity 200 lbs 90.72 kg
Ansi Resna WC-19 Transit Approved YES YES

* Rogue XP weight calculated based upon: 14×14″ frame, no armrests, without wheels.